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Wash Cut and Blowdry - £47.00
Wash and Cut - £35.00

Blast Off - £5.00

Blowdry - £29.00
Wash, Re-Design and Blowdry - £50.00

Tuesday Wash, Cut and Blowdry - £35.00
Hair Up - from £45.00
Childrens (under 10) -  £17.00


Full Head Foils - £90.00
Half Head Foils - £77.50
T Section Foils - £65.00

Partial Foils - From £40.00
Full Head Tint - £55.00

Root Colour - £50.00
Full Head Foils with Tint/Gloss - £108.50
Half Head Foils with Tint/Gloss - £96.00
T Section Foils with Tint/Gloss - £77.50

Partial Foils with Tint/Gloss - £57.50
Balayage - £98.00

Balayage with Tint - £115.00


Innoluxe Colour Additive - £12.50

Innoluxe is mixed into our colours and bleach which then works it's magic to rebuild and repair the broken bonds within the hair, leaving your hair healthier and stronger which results in your stylist being able to push your colour in that little further without fear of extensive damage. Bright, healthier hair in just one sitting!

Innoluxe Stand Alone Treatment - £25.00

Developed specifically for clients who aren't having colour, for those that are just after a hydrating and strengthening treatment look no further! This Stand-Alone treatment gives your hair a nourishing healthy boost, as well as a beautiful shine and softness. Perfect before a Cut or any time your hair just needs a bit of TLC


Wet Cut - £17.00


Short Hair (Above Shoulders) - £115.00

Long Hair (Shoulder Length and Below) - £135.00

Prices are inclusive of a Care Line Shampoo and Conditioner 250ml Package for you to take home with you.

The Keratin Revolution system will restore your hair back to optimal condition. Keratin Revolution is a 3 in 1 Keratin treatment that uses nano technology to smooth, strengthen and repair hair resulting in frizz free shiny hair that lasts for 3-6 months. Treatment time 2-3 hours.

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